Cake Flavours

Greatest Hits

These are our greatest hits. The famous flavours that get requested time and time again.
We know that you will love every single one of these, and that you will be blown away by our cakes incredible tastes and textures
(These are also the 6 flavours included in our delicious cake tasting boxes)

Very Vanilla

Vanilla sponge, creamy vanilla bean frosting & raspberry preserve

Lem Pop

Zesty lemon & poppy sponge, lemon curd & creamy lemon frosting

Coconut & Lime

Tropical coconut sponge, coconut frosting & fresh lime zest

Classic Carrot

Spiced carrot & walnut sponge with cream cheese frosting

Red Velvet

Red velvet sponge, vanilla cream cheese frosting & red velvet crumb

Rich Chocolate

Chocolate sponge, Belgian chocolate frosting & cocoa nibs

In addition to our greatest hits
We also have a wide variety of delicious other flavours

Best Of The Rest

Coffee & Walnut

Coffee sponge, espresso soak, coffee ground buttercream & crunchy caramelised walnuts

Pink Bubbles & Raspberry

Raspberry & MCC sponge, pink bubbly syrup, tangy raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream

Salted Caramel Popcorn

Vanilla bean sponge, vanilla syrup, salted caramel, crushed caramelised popcorn & sea salt flakes

Give Me Chocolate!!

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate orange sponge, dark chocolate ganache, Belgian chocolate frosting & preserved orange rind

Choco Caramel Pretzel

Chocolate sponge, caramel frosting, salted caramel & crushed salted pretzels


Inspired by the Black Forest Gateau. Chocolate sponge, cherry syrup, creamy vanilla bean frosting, black cherry jam & shaved dark chocolate

Something Fruity

Lemon & Blueberry

Zesty lemon & blueberry sponge, lemon curd, lemon frosting and fresh blueberries

Orange Marmalade

Orange choc chip sponge, orange juice syrup, creamy vanilla & orange zest frosting & orange marmalade

Passion Pina Coloda

Coconut sponge, coconut milk soak, tangy passionfruit curd & toasted coconut flakes

From The Cookie Jar

Cookies & Creme

Chocolate sponge, vanilla syrup, Oreo crumb speckled vanilla frosting & crushed Oreos


Vanilla sponge, vanilla bean syrup, loaded with Biscoff spread, Biscoff buttercream AND crushed Biscoff biscuits


Chocolate sponge, toasted Swiss meringue buttercream, Belgian chocolate ganache & crushed graham crackers