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Vegan By Crumb

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

— Mahatma Gandhi

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The Best Vegan Treats In Town

We are very proud of our extensive range of vegan bakes. We have spent a countless amount of hours researching, testing and experimenting with our vegan recipes and we can confidently say we offer some of the best vegan treats around. 

We have even created a separate identity for our vegan treats – VEGAN BY CRUMB

We are not a vegan bakery, but we have many vegan friends and clients and we aim to provide them with the same quality and flavour of any other bake we offer.

How Our Vegan Journey Started

Our vegan baking journey started many years ago in the UK when my obsession with meringue kisses was met with one simple question… “Have you ever made meringues with chickpea brine?”

As a chef, my mind was blown and this led to a whole new world of baking possibilities. When we moved back to South Africa I joined a local vegan market and started selling vegan meringues, marshmallows and macarons. This led to doughnuts – that just happened to be vegan, and from there our vegan offerings have expanded to wide variety of delicious treats, wedding cake options and even vegan event catering

We have a few key beliefs when it comes to vegan baking:

Every single vegan item is a recipe that we have personally developed, tried and tested.
We only offer an item once the recipe is as good as technically possible with what ingredients are currently available and dare we say, some are even better than it’s non vegan counterpart.
We are constantly on the lookout for new vegan ingredients and techniques to improve our offerings even further.