Vegan Cakes & Bakes

The Best Vegan Cakes In Town!

We are very excited to offer our extensive range of incredible vegan cakes and bakes. All our vegan recipes have been developed by ourselves over a countless amount of hours of researching, testing and experimenting with different ingredients and techniques. 

We only add an item to our menu once the final result is as good as, or even better than its non vegan counterpart. We can confidently say we offer some of the best vegan treats around, and believe us – we’ve tried them all! (in the name of research!) 

We have become one of the best and most sought after vegan wedding and celebration cake bakers in the Western Cape


Why Vegan Baking?

It all started with one simple question – “Have you ever made meringues with chickpea brine?” WHAT???

As a pastry chef my mind was blown and this opened up a whole new baking chapter (and obsession!) for our business.

Our vegan offerings have since expanded to a wide variety of delicious vegan cake and treat options that include NY style cookies, brownies, lemon meringue pie, doughnuts, marshmallows and cupcakes, to name but a few, and we are very proud to have become one of the best vegan wedding and celebration cake bakers in the Western Cape

A Few Vegan Options From Our Online Store

Head over to our online store where you can order our incredible vegan cakes and bakes.
Here are some examples the delicious vegan options we have available

Check out our online store where many of the items have delicious vegan options to choose from. If you want to order a bespoke cake design please get in touch via the form on the celebration cakes page.

For vegan wedding cakes head to the wedding cakes page and fill in the wedding cake enquiry form to start the enquiry process.