Cake Tastings

Pour Some Bubbles,
Let's Taste Some Cake!

We offer delicious cake tasting boxes to sample our most popular cake flavours before making that all important decision of choosing the flavour of your cake (or just as a treat – we won’t judge!)

Choosing the flavour of your cake is a big moment. We offer delicious cake tasting boxes once a month to enjoy in the comforts of your own home. Why not make it a fun date night, or order a few boxes and share it with your friends or bridesmaids with a glass of bubbles? 

Each box contains a generous slice of our 6 most popular cake flavours and is suitable for two people to share

Besides, who needs a reason to eat cake anyway, right?


So, What's In The Box?

The flavours in the box include Very Vanilla, Lem Pop, Coconut & Lime, Carrot & Walnut, Red Velvet & Rich Chocolate 

Each shareable piece comes individually wrapped to ensure the sample’s freshness, and we also include a tasting card to guide you through the flavours as you sample them 

Our tasting box is unfortunately not available in vegan or gluten free versions. Email us to discuss any dietary specific tasting options.

Please note that the flavours in the box are set and we are unable to make any changes to the contents of the box.

How It Works

Our tasting boxes are available once a month and can be purchased directly from our online store 

Select the date from the drop down menu and collect your order on the selected date between 09:00 – 15:00 from our studio in Woodstock 

Quantities are limited and can sell out fast, so make sure to buy your tasting box early to avoid disappointment